What is Automation

Automation in the home is the use of electronic and computer technology to simplify and control the tasks of daily living. Also known as domotics (stemming from domus, the Latin word for home, and otics, a shortened form of the word informatics), home automation allows you to monitor and manage your household from any device with an internet connection.

Imagine coming home and walking into a warmly-lit kitchen with your favorite music playing and the HVAC running at just the right temperature. Domotics makes it possible. You can prepare your house for your arrival, before you ever leave the office, with your smart phone or other mobile device.

What is Automation
  • Turn on the lights
  • Set the radio or television to your favorite channel
  • Activate the HVAC
  • Preheat the oven
  • Warm up the hot tub or activate the pool pump
  • Raise or lower the blinds
  • Monitor and set security

Modern Convenience
What is automation like in today’s homes? As an example, you can program your HVAC unit to decrease its cooling or heating cycles, while you and your family are out of the house. And then set it to reactivate approximately 15 to 20 minutes before everyone starts coming home. You can also program your lighting fixtures to produce just the right amount of illumination for specific occasions. For instance, you can have automatic settings for “watch a movie,” “host a party” or “romantic evening at home.

In addition to adding convenience, domotics systems are also practical, in terms of energy and homeowners insurance savings.

  • Lighting fixtures that automatically turn on and off whenever you enter or leave a room reduce utility expenses and cut wasted energy
  • Adjusting the cycles of your HVAC unit can shave as much as 40% off of your heating and cooling costs
  • Incorporating monitored security systems along with fire, gas and water leak detectors can reduce your homeowner insurance premium by up to 20%

Home Care Assistance
What is automation technology for home care assistance? Home automation for elderly parents is invaluable, and can often reduce or eliminate the need for in-home healthcare assistance. Automated systems can be used to remind patients of when it’s time to take their medications, monitor their blood pressure and glucose levels, turn the lights on and off when they get in and out of bed, and allow them to maintain a level of independence that will enhance their quality of life. Elder care systems will also keep your aging family members in touch with emergency services at all times, which means you can rest assured that you and their doctors will be notified automatically if a problem arises.

Automated security systems allow you to be aware of what’s going on in your home while you are away. Your system can be programmed to alert you whenever any type of activity occurs in or around your residence, whether it is routine activity or suspicious.

Automation and Security

Activity Alerts
Routine activity alerts are ideal for parents, who want to be sure that their children have made it home from school on time. As an example, if your child is expected home at 3:30 every weekday afternoon, an event notification can be programmed into your system to alert you whether or not an entry was made into your home at or around this particular time.

Suspicious activity alerts help keep you and your family safe, whether you are in or out of your home. An automated security system will send you alerts if it detects any type of breach in its network of sensors, such as a door opening or a window being broken. Today’s systems are also so advanced that they will provide the specific location of the suspicious activity and automatically contact you, your neighbors, or the appropriate authorities.

So, what is automation? It is convenience, comfort, and security. If you have been considering installing a domotics system in your home, we are your local experts.





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