Top Five Reasons To Install a Home Sound System

Top Five Reasons To Install a Home Sound System
  1. Entertainment
    A contemporary home sound system will enable you to hear your favorite music in full detail and reveal the melodic nuances that you may have missed. Older speakers were not designed to unlock the rich undertones and delicate details of the music that they transmitted. They simply amplified sounds, without distinction. Today’s speakers, however, are capable of “reading” the tones that they broadcast, and they can distinguish a bass vibration from that of a treble vibration. As such, they are capable of producing warm, harmonious sound that is always perfectly balanced and presented in full, orchestrated detail. From classic vinyl to contemporary, high-resolution digital music files, you are guaranteed to be amazed by what you hear.
  2. Home Theater
    With a home sound system, you can experience your favorite films just like you would if you had gone to the cinema. Surround sound speakers calibrated and installed according to the specific dimensions of your media room produce multiple layers of sound that allow you to immerse yourself in the center of the action. Movie soundtracks are created using a variety of different channels. The central channel is for the main dialogue and the others are used to duplicate the environment of the scene. For instance, if a character knocks on a door on the right-hand side of the movie screen, you will hear the knocking coming from the right-hand side of your speaker system. Home theaters make it possible for you to experience movies the way they are now created to be seen and heard.
  3. Customized Settings
    Your home sound system can be programmed to recognize users and their preferred audio settings. This means you can create a library of music and individualized playlists to suit every member of your household. You can also personalize the way you hear your music. Perhaps you have a preference for more treble, while your spouse or children prefer to hear more bass. Personalized audio preferences can be programmed and stored in your system and automatically adjust whenever a specific user logs on to the console.
  4. Built-In Convenience
    One of the greatest features of a contemporary home sound system is that its components can be built directly into the house.
    • Speakers can be installed in ceilings and walls, eliminating unsightly cords and freeing up the living space that would have otherwise been crowded by your stereo equipment. Built-in speakers can also be customized to coordinate with the colors of the rooms where they are being installed.
    • Control panels can be installed in the walls of every room of the house that is wired for sound. So you can have high-energy dance music playing in the family room for your cardio workout, while someone else is listening to calmer tunes when working in the kitchen. Built-in control panels also eliminate the worry of losing portable remotes.
  5. Security
    Installing a home sound system with remote access will allow you to create the illusion that you are home, while you are out of the house or on vacation. Using a computer with internet access or a mobile device with an online connection, you can turn your sound system on and off and even have different music playing in different rooms throughout the house to make it seem as though more than one person is home.
Family Sound System

Automated sound systems can also be integrated with security systems that will also control your lighting and your blinds. So not only will you be able to create a “presence” within the home with sound, but also with lighting and motion.

  • You can program an integrated system to recreate your daily activities, such as lighting patterns and television viewing
  • An integrated system will even allow you to control your HVAC unit, so you can turn it down while you are out and then reactivate the system from the office or the mall, when you get ready to head back home

A contemporary home sound system will enhance the music you hear and allow you to immerse yourself in the movies that you watch. It can also help you protect your family from intruders and simplify your life.





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