Learn More About Remote Control Lights

Learn More About Remote Control Lights

Remote control lights make it possible for you to operate lighting fixtures throughout the house, from the comfort of your easy chair or from any mobile device with an internet connection. Automated lighting systems can be used to set the ideal ambiance for living and entertaining. They can enhance safety by creating the illusion that you are home, while you are away. Remote lighting will enhance security, in case an intruder gets in.

Living and Entertaining
Setting the perfect atmosphere for reading, watching television and entertaining can now be done at the touch of a button. Remote control lights enable you to adjust the amount of ambient, task and accent lighting that illuminates your home – using a single console. This means that you can dim or brighten the lights in the dining room before you ever leave the kitchen, or turn the lights on upstairs before you head up to bed.

  • No more fumbling in the dark for light switches or venturing into a darkened house, when you arrive home from work.
  • Remote control lights can be programmed to turn on specific fixtures throughout the house, when the garage door opener is triggered.
  • Customized lighting levels can be preset to create the perfect mood for a romantic dinner or holiday party.
  • You can turn on hallway and powder room fixtures from your bed, if you need to get up in the middle of the night.

Remote control lights are perfect for maintaining safety and security in the home. Fixtures can be outfitted with sensors to detect movement and automatically turn on and off, whenever someone enters and leaves a room.

  • Motion detector lights can be programmed to illuminate at a dim level during certain hours of the day. This way no one else needs to be disturbed from their sleep, when another member of the household gets up in the night.
  • This feature is particularly ideal for families with small children or elderly parents and grandparents. Children can more easily find their ways to their parents’ rooms if they are frightened in the night, and older family members can move about the house without fear of tripping over unseen obstacles.

Your system can also be programmed to illuminate escape routes when and if your smoke alarm should ever be triggered. This is one of the most popular features of contemporary automated lighting systems, because it not only allows you and your family to see your way out of the house but also the areas of the house to avoid on your way out.

Remote control lights can be used to mimic your daily light usage, while you are out of the house. Intermittent brightening and darkening of your home creates the sense of occupancy and movement, which is a proven deterrent for potential intruders.

  • You can program your system with an “Away” or “Vacation” setting, or you can manually adjust activity in the home from any computer with an internet connection or mobile device with online access.
  • Your automated system can be programmed to control your blinds as well as your light fixtures, which will enhance the illusion of you and your family being home.
  • You can even have your audio systems and televisions integrated into your system to create an even greater sense of presence.
Motion Detection Security

In addition to creating the illusion that you are home, remote control lights can be programmed to respond to breaches in your security system. Every fixture in the home can be set to flash on and off to alert neighbors of trouble, confuse the intruders and help police locate your home more quickly.

Specific fixtures, such as those attached to security cameras, can be set to come on whenever movement is detected, which will allow your monitors to get clear and well-lit video images of the culprits attempting to invade your home. This can help police identify the perpetrators.

Remote control lights are both convenient and practical. Contact us today, if you would like to hear more about the benefits and options available to you.





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