Video Conference Room Installation

Video Conference Room

While many businesses live with the idea that perception is everything, the reality of corporate America today says nothing is more important than performance. Today’s high definition video, room rumbling sound and lightning fast response time is an absolute necessity. We are top of the line experts in the ever changing landscape of video conference room installation.

One Size Does Not Fit All

As your audio/visual professionals, our design engineers will create a tailor made package comprised of the finest components available, designed especially to fit your video conference workspace. Smaller rooms require fewer components while larger spaces may require multiple’s of several key pieces central to your communication design. We recognize your need to unite clients, products and every level of staff to facilitate quality, real time decision making without the burden of travel. We know your business is unique and your communications center should be too. Our professionals will match your goals to the best audio and video solutions available.


Examining your video conference room installation from afar, we can break it down into 5 essential components:

  1. Video Camera - preferably High Definition for image capture.
  2. Microphone(s) to deliver your presentations with absolute audio clarity.
  3. Video monitor for visual connectivity also allows you to read body language.
  4. Speakers - There should be clear audio surrounding your staff to eliminate any possibility of miscommunication.
  5. An appropriate codec to convert and compress you’re A/V into a digital signal for end to end delivery.
Questions and Answers

Before we can take the first steps in giving you the precise solutions required in your video conference room installation, we’ll need some specific answers about your communication needs.

  • How many people will be included in an average size presentation?
  • What formats i.e., charts, graphs, multimedia etc. will your staff require for the exchange of information?
  • Is your information proprietary or in need of high level security?
  • Will the exchange of information occur in different languages requiring translation and individual listening devices?

A complete solution to your video conference room installation will incorporate a complex suite of audio and video systems. From a redundant power infrastructure to business specific management tools our design engineers will map, approve and create a system perfect for you.

Professional Components

Because we are a full service custom audio/visual provider the components we use to build your communications room are top of the line and not available at your neighborhood electronics outlet. Some of the brand names we use include:

Video Conference Room Installation
  • LifeSize
  • Crestron Digital Media
  • Pro Audio Technology
  • Lutron
  • Kinetics Noise Control
  • AMX
  • Biamp
  • Hitachi
  • Samsung
  • Digital Projection
  • DNP Screens
  • Tannoy Speakers
  • Renkus-Heinz
  • Ruckus Wireless
  • Listen Technologies
  • Revolabs
  • Cambridge Sound Management
  • Audix Microphones
  • Chauvet Lighting

These are just a few of the highest end companies we regularly contract to provide the most elegant and reliable communication systems available.

These products are at the cutting edge of technology and require highly trained technicians to ensure proper installation. We never cut corners or offer you second best components. Every project we accept and complete is specifically designed and engineered for our client. We take extreme pride in knowing we’ve never done any two jobs exactly alike. That means you will receive only the finest in equipment, technology and brainpower when you choose us to meet your video conference room installation needs.

Sound And Visuals

Crystal clear audio and video signals are a must when electronic communication is in progress. Our expert technicians will begin your video conference room installation with a thorough examination of the space you have selected. To make certain your communications are clear and concise, our first point of order will be to recommend the use of sound proofing material. Carpet, fabric covered draperies, sound-proof ceiling tiles and even sound absorbing material on the walls should be considered to eliminate echo or reverberation.

The cameras and microphones we recommend for your video conference room installation are highly sensitive and purpose designed for your use. High definition cameras and the highest quality microphones are voice sensitive within 8-10 feet. Depending upon the size and shape of the space selected to receive your video conference room installation our technicians will locate your camera(s) and microphone(s) in the most effective array for your presentations. Larger spaces will almost certainly require a combination of microphone input locations that include walls, the floor and even the ceiling.

The Definitive Solution

Our ultimate goal is to provide your business the ability to completely immerse your staff in a multi-purpose space filled with a suite of communication devices so powerful and effective you’ll forget all about frequent flyer miles. We will leave you satisfied beyond reproach and give your business the finest communication today’s technology can provide. From social networking to face to face negotiations, our professionals will make your business communications nothing less than a stunning success.

We provide complete video conference room installation in Birmingham, Hoover, Mountain Brook, AL and all surrounding areas.





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