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Your house of worship is an important place for a lot of people; they deserve to hear and see what is happening clearly. A customized AV system for your exact acoustics and setup will make all the difference! Call now, we’ll come out to do a no-obligation, free estimate!

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House of Worship AV Systems

No matter the size of your house of worship, we can ensure everyone attending a sermon, wedding, or other event will feel like they are sitting in the front pews with a state-of-the-art audiovisual system. Commercial sound and video systems are a specialty of ours, and we’ll listen to what you’d like done, before doing a full inspection of your church to work out which elements will best benefit your needs. We will then work out a custom quote to give you a free estimate on the audiovisual components necessary to give your parishioners the best experience possible each week.

Audiovisual Equipment for Churches

There are so many options and components that we can install for you, that it really depends on what you are trying to accomplish with the AV system for your house of worship. If you do productions, plays, musical events, or other performances, you may be interested in wireless microphones, custom lighting sequences, or audio mixing consoles. We also have projection screens and large monitors that we can install to help those seated farther back see just as clearly as those in the front.

The entire production can also be controlled from a central point, such as the pulpit, giving full control to the one running the show. Imagine being able to change the entire feel in your house of worship in just a few seconds; this could be dimming or brightening the lights, turning on monitors or screens, and playing the right music at just the right volume to create the exact ambience you want for that production. Whether it’s a weekly sermon, a holiday message, a wedding, or a funeral, you will be able to give your guests the full experience you want them to have once we’ve designed and installed the audiovisual components you need.

Every house of worship is different, and has different requirements. We’ve worked with many of them, and can help you attain the exact right feel for yours! Call us to schedule your free, no-obligation estimate and we’ll get to work on building the customized AV system you’ve been wanting!

Allow your parishioners to hear and see clearly
With a customized AV system in your house of worship
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We can design and install an audiovisual system in your house of worship in Birmingham. Our teams install customized, cutting-edge AV packages for churches all throughout the area to rave results. We are a BBB accredited business, and we maintain an A+ rating with them. We also hold certifications with the most highly esteemed professional organizations in the industry. Call to get a free estimate today!





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