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Boardroom Audio

For the most elegant, dependable and effective boardroom audio video your executives shouldn’t have to settle for anything that doesn’t exude quality from the word go. Our engineering professionals will help you design, create and launch the kind of environment that simply screams success.

When we accept the responsibility of harnessing the ever-changing technology of our time, we guarantee the result will be nothing short of astonishing.

Communication Technology

The technology available for the most advanced boardroom audio video solutions include every facet of today’s available communication. Our professional engineering team will design a fully integrated system that will give you every communication tool available including:

  • High definition flat screen TVs and monitors with vivid, million color displays
  • The smart technology of interactive white boards for instant collaboration
  • One touch controls that help you easily glide through all types of communication

From video conferencing to training sessions and business-to-business presentations, we offer executive, state of the art boardroom audio video solutions. We’ll design every piece of your system to uniquely fit your needs, giving you the power of immediate impact that will help drive your business forward.

Remote Presentation Management

Securing the immediate attention of clients and your own staff is as close as the fingertip activated touchpad available to control every aspect of your meetings, conferences and presentations. Our available integrated systems offer you the ability to control transitions from one device to another with single touch operation.

Suite Components

An effective boardroom audio video system begins with the ease and accuracy of an intuitive touch screen control panel. From your seat at the head of the conference room table, you’ll control every aspect of you’re A/V system, including:

  • Cameras
  • Microphones
  • DVD player
  • Digital Video Recorder
  • Dedicated document camera
  • Projection system
  • Electronic whiteboard
  • Remote control window treatments
  • And lighting

Enjoy the ability to preview any screen before live activation and utilize scalable video displays on a high definition flat screen or the vivid colors of a brilliant projector.

Power And Savings

We can give you the power over your corporate communications center to manage your boardroom audio video technology from a central location. The instant response of every component has the power to revolutionize the footprint of your entire organization in ways that can:

  • Reduce business related travel costs by 50% or more
  • Utilize your company wide network to facilitate the instant resources offered by social networking, DVRs and DVD players, the internet, satellite communications, smart phones, tablets and audio enhancing devices like iPods.
  • Instant utilization of digital recording for archiving, playback and distribution.

The world is a smaller place thanks to the explosion of instant communication. From cell phones to satellites, the cost of doing business no longer means absorbing the cost of last minute airfare or the time it takes for travel. Businesses, small and large can thank internet technology, video conferencing, webcams and the simplicity of Skype for creating profitable competition and constant communication.

Boardroom Audio and Video

High performance business requires the use of high performance technology. When we integrate our solutions into your boardroom audio video needs, we’ll be using the most advanced components in the world. The tools we offer your business can’t be found at your local electronic store. Our A/V engineers are certified professionals, expert and experienced in the installation and calibration of the highest quality components. The names you’ll find on your custom design plans will include:

  • Lutron
  • AMX
  • CEDIA (Custom Electronic Design & Installation Association)
  • SynAudCon (Synergetic Audio Concepts)
  • Home Acoustics Alliance
  • Crestron

No matter the shape, size or volume of the space selected for your boardroom audio video communications center, we’ll work with you to create an optimal venue. From video conferencing to telephone calls, we can design a presentation system for you to control from a single chair, dais or control room.

The founder of our company is a certified engineer and our accredited company earned an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau. Every job we do is unique and custom designed to meet the requirements of our clients. When you demand the best, our number is the only one you need to know!

Contact us for professional boardroom audio video in Birmingham, Hoover, Mountain Brook, AL and all surrounding areas.





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