Commercial Sound and Video in Hoover

Commercial Sound

We design and install customized commercial sound and video in Hoover. Whether you want to stream music into your reception area, or you need to equip your conference room with state-of-the-art technology for virtual meetings, we have the audio and video solutions.

If you own or manage a facility with an auditorium, having customized commercial sound and video in Hoover will make your venue standout among the competition. With the right combination of projection screens, audio mixers and speakers, you can create the ideal space to host any occasion – concerts, lectures and stage productions.

  • Projection screens and large monitors can be installed to accommodate audience members seated in back rows and balconies
  • Audio mixing consoles can be programmed to monitor and maintain the perfect combination of treble, mid-range and bass tones throughout a performance
  • Wireless microphone and PA systems allow speakers and performers to roam freely across the stage without the worry of tangling or tripping over cords
  • Your console can be utilized to program and control lighting sequences on the stage and throughout the auditorium

Sound and Video for the Office

Videoconferencing technology has revolutionized and simplified doing business. Small businesses and large corporations are adopting this method of communication, in order to close the gap between themselves and their suppliers, their associates and their customers. Your commercial sound and video in Hoover will bring your operation into the 21st century, and help you expand your reach.

Top Benefits of Videoconferencing

  1. It can save money by reducing travel and lodging expenses
  2. It simplifies communications between business managers and satellite offices
  3. A single meeting can be held and transmitted to several locations simultaneously, across town; across the country, or; across the globe
  4. It accommodates expedient distribution of information and increases productivity
  5. It allows presenters to read the faces of the participants of their meetings and gauge their understanding of the information that has been provided
  6. It creates a deeper sense of connection than a simple telephone call

Creating the Perfect System
Many details will be considered when we devise the perfect plan for your commercial sound and video in Hoover. These include the dimensions of the room; the materials that were used to create and furnish the room (drywall, concrete, windows, curtains, carpeting, tables, chairs, etc.); and the number of people that will be in the room when the system is used. Each of these elements will have an impact on the acoustical qualities of your system, and help determine what size and type of system will serve you best.

Commercial Video

Audio and visual clarity, as well as functional dynamics, are the key characteristics of our quality installation of commercial sound and video in Hoover.

  • Larger rooms will require larger or even multiple monitors as well as larger and more powerful speakers
  • Smaller spaces will need to be outfitted with systems that will not shake and rattle walls and windows
  • Acoustical wall and ceiling panels may need to be worked into the design of your system to contain sound and prevent disruptive reverberations

Customized Technology
Every system of commercial sound and video in Mountain Brook that we install is custom-tailored to meet the needs of the clients that we serve. So we go to great lengths to establish a clear understanding of exactly which combination of components you will need.

  • For example, conference room and church podiums can be outfitted with integrated consoles that control every element of a presentation and allow speakers to access online music and video files as well as Power Point presentations.
  • As another example, doctors’ and dentists’ offices can be outfitted with audio systems and televisions to entertain their patients, as they wait for their appointments.

If you have been considering an audio/visual equipment installation or upgrade for your business, call us now. We can schedule a free, on-site, no-obligation estimate for a streamlined sound and video system designed specifically for your space.





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