Personal Monitoring Solutions during worship services

As more and more churches expand their worship ministries to include multiple stage inputs, the need for personal monitoring has increased significantly.  Traditionally, there are basically three ways to do monitoring: A.  Traditional Wedge or Flown Monitors, through passively amplified or self-powered speakers B.  Wired or Wireless In Ears from Board Mixes C.  Personal Monitoring […]

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Flip charts and pen simply doesn’t cut the mustard

“With the onward advancement of technology and the increase in expectations, a flip chart and pen simply doesn’t cut the mustard for business meetings any longer” Read the complete article here.

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Outdoor Engineered Audio Systems

Summer is officially here and everyone is enjoying the outdoors, spending time with friends and family, barbecuing, or relaxing by the pool. You want to impress everyone with the best outdoor technology on the market and have it perfectly in sync with your indoor technology, so you never have to leave the party. That’s why […]

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Huddle Room Video Conferencing

The workplace is constantly reinventing itself, demanding new technology to make enterprise collaboration and sharing much easier. In a hectic work environment, space can be limited and hooking up technology can be time consuming. That’s why growing businesses need more convenient and technology packed spaces accessible for conferencing and presenting. Read the complete article here.

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Getting the most out of Skype for Business content in video calls

The latest 5.0 software for RealPresence Group Series has native integration with Skype for Business for video and audio, plus you can receive Skype for Business content natively. The part that impresses me the most: for the first time you can control someone else’s PC right from your group video system, using a mouse and keyboard connected […]

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The customer perspective on healthcare: Where there is Polycom, there is a way!

I recently sat down with Veronica Southern, Clinical Lead on a Telesw allowing project, to talk about technology in healthcare.  Coincidentally, Veronica had just attended an NHS national conference in London a few days before. See the complete article here.

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How to Keep Distracting Noise Out Of Your Meetings

Polycom has some amazing acoustic engineers working to solve real-world problems that we encounter during meetings in today’s workplace. In this blog, learn about some of our latest and greatest in audio innovation, including the *new* Polycom Labs Feature Customers Can Start Trying Today: Acoustic Fence with Beam Shaping!  See the complete article here.

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Marantz September Release

Marantz has continued to expand its A/V receiver offerings this year with two new network receivers, the SR6010 and SR7010, both are 4k ready and offering the latest in audio and video processing technology. See the complete article here.

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